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In Ethiopia, food is always shared, so much so that you will often see Ethiopians feeding eachother with tenderness. It is known as a ‘gursha’ and it is a common sight. Our cuisine, therefore, reflects this mindset: a range of dishes to be shared from a common platter which combines dense and spicy dishes with fresh and mild ones.

Ethiopian tradition has it that citizens become vegans on certain days: every Wednesday and Friday, for instance, as well as longer periods of up to seven weeks. This has led to a rich tradition of vegan dishes which we are keen to share with you.

¿Isn’t all this a bit too spicy? Perhaps some dishes, but in reality there is a range of fresh and mild dishes that allow us to moderate it all to our taste. In any case, Ethiopian food is not meant to be spicy
for its own sake, it simply strives for a balance between dishes rich in spices along with fresh salads and mild dishes on the other hand.

Set course

The price of our combined dishes is €13.90 per person


Sega Wot: A red stew of finely diced beef and seasoned with berbere, a classic Ethiopian spice blend.

Ayib: Freshly-made Ethiopian cottage cheese.

Tikil Gomen: Sautéed cabbage seasoned with mekalesha, an Abyssinian all-spice.

Mekele *

Misir Wot: Lentil dhal seasoned with berbere, an Ethiopian spice blend.

Abeba Gomen: Minced cauliflower seasoned with herbs.

Duba: Sweet pumpkin stew.


Alecha Doro: Mild chicken stew seasoned with mekalesha, an Abyssinian all-spice.

Kay sir: Sautéed beetroot and potato with a touch of ginger.

Gomen: Ethiopian-style kale.

Hawassa *

Ater Kik: Dhal of yellow chickpeas.

Kay sir: Sauteed beetroot and potato with a touch of ginger.

Tikil Gomen: Sauteed cabbage seasoned with mekalesha, an Abyssinian all-spice.

* Vegan dishes

Ethiopian food in 4 easy steps…

Maberawi: Ethiopian meals are shared from a large common plate. Each plate contains a variety of dishes, to be mixed as you please.

Injera: We eat with our hands, using injera bread to scoop the dishes.

Gursha: Be sure to offer you friends a mouthful of your own combination. It is a sign of courtesy and appreciation.

Enebla!: Don’t be shy and enjoy the experience, you are among friends and family!

Tuesday to Friday
19:30 to 24:00
Saturday and Sunday
13:00 to 15:30 / 19.30 to 24.00 
Closed monday

Where we are
Nou de la Rambla, 149
08004 Barcelona
Metro L3/L2 Paral·lel

M.696 540 883

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